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Details and Prices

Services and Prices

Antenatal Education
Birth Preparation

Antenatal Education service

One to one sessions to help  you prepare for your baby’s birth and give you confidence and information about birth options (birth plan, place of birth, induction, VBAC, HVBAC, pain management and much more).

This sessions are perfect for you to get the knowledge on benefits, and risks attached to the choices available and get informed about your rights and how to advocate for yourself. 

I don't enforce my views on you or judge the decisions you make. I give you the information you need to make informed choices and support you to achieve the birth you want.

Online 1 to 1: £18/hr

Face to face 1 to 1: £22/hr

* Contact me to discuss group bookings/ block packages - discount available

Birth Doula

Water Birth

One to one support before and during birth.

This package includes 4 face to face meetings ( usually 3 antenatal sessions and 1 postnatal visit) of 2 hours minimum each. It also includes remote support from the booking time to 6 weeks postnatal.

During antenatal sessions we discuss previous birth / pregnancy experiences, birth plans, options available around places of birth, pain management, induction, and anything else important to you in preparation for birth and postnatal period. This package includes the use of equipment such as birth pool, access to library, tens machine, birth comb, rebozo and more (subject to availability).

Investment: £1400

* On completion of birth package, postnatal support has a 10% discount

* Additional antenatal sessions offered at discounted rates 

* Please note I may charge towards mileage/ parking costs

Birth Doula Services
Postpartum Doula Services

Postnatal & Night Doula


One to one support after birth helping you take care of your postnatal wellness. Emotional and physical support to help you find your own way during the early weeks with a newborn. 

I am available for night support so you can have some well deserved sleep knowing your baby is safe. 

As your postnatal doula I am available to look after you and attend to your needs, whether it is to drive you to an appointment, allow you alone time to have a bath, get the washing up done or cook a nice nutritious hot meal. This support is 100% tailored to you. 

Investment: £22/hr

or £200 for a 10hr package

Night doula (from 10pm - 6am) = £200

* On completion of birth package, postnatal support has a 10% discount#

* Please note I may charge towards mileage/ parking costs

Postpartum preparaion services

Postpartum Preparation


One to one support to get you prepared for the postpartum period. Help you understand your needs and plan for an easier postnatal transition. 

Investment: £22/hr

Moter blessng services

Birth / Mother's Blessing Ceremony

Flower Bouquet

Instead of a conventional baby shower, are you considering a more positive woman / mother focused ceremony?  Celebrate being pregnant, giving birth and embrace the journey that you are about to start.

Invite the important woman in your life to be a part of this special nurturing moment.

I offer support to prepare a birth blessing ceremony and I will be present on the day to hold the space and facilitate this loving gathering (if needed this is included in cost).

This package includes initial meeting  to plan and discuss what you would like your ceremony to be like. This is completely customised to you and your group. I take care of making the group aware of what to bring. This can be held online.


Investment: £150

Pool hire services

Pool Hire

Water Birth

La Bassine Professional Birth Pool available for hire. 

Labouring and birthing your baby in water helps with pain relief, is more comfortable and is safe.

Have the water birth you have always wanted in this safe and professional birthing pool in your own home. 

4 weeks hire of La Bassine Professional Birth Pool. Water pump, air pump, floor waterproof sheet, thermometer included. 

Disposable liner, hose and cover not included. 

Delivery available *

Investment: £50

* charges apply for delivery + collection if required

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